Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Nail Art With Rhinestone.


Hello, Guys……….

I have for you today, it’s a kind you can wear on festive time or on any occasion of celebration. Or on wedding day ( specially for Indian wedding).

These pic’s are taken with my new camera. Im so happy with result it’s showing.

So true color’s of nail polish. Still have to understand correct method to take a closeup.







Hope you all liked it. If your are interested in knowing how I did, please let me know by commenting on it.

Do Subscribe & comment. Let me know what you want to watch on my future posts. I’ll try my best to do it.

Actually I was suppose to show you the matte nail art. Sorry next post for sure.

And 1 last thing every Wednesday I’m going to do pink nails. If possible today night or 2morow. OR coming Wednesday.

This concept is take from movie MEAN GIRLS . You will know all in my next post. I’ll give the link to this blog 2morow.

See you girls……… thanking you for watching.

Byeeeee……….Winking smileThumbs up


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rupa kabadi said...

Sorry for not repling you back. But anyways Thanx for the comment.

rupa kabadi said...

Sorry for not repling you back, Thanx for your comment.