Friday, July 27, 2012

My on the go thing’s.( VACATION)


ALOHA      Guyssss.

Today I’m showing some thing’s, I use on my holidays.They are sooooo convenient. You don’t have to spent much time, over getting your self ready. I hope you’ll agree with me.



The small razor is for bikini area, but I do not use it for that thing. I mostly use for my underarm’s, when you want them looking nice , if wearing a halter or sleeveless, I know we all go nice & clean on vacation, this is for emergence purpose.



Its small, very easy to use. Just throw in your makeup bag, it won’t take much space. Can go for a very long time. About 10 / 15  times. And one thing can be used on your legs. I do not apply any soap or any kind of foam on my underarms. It work well. I do use soap on my legs if I have time in shower.

The other one is Veet Hair Remover Cream. I know All of you know it, but I myself was skeptical about it for, I think  years together. Once with much courage, as here in India people use to tell it makes your skin black or some what discolor. Many years back, now the  quality is improved one. So used it , nice for emergence only or daily propose, as you feel. That too on hands, not on my legs, becoz skin is sensitive. This big pack I got it from Goa. In my city its not available in big packs, So need to use two tube for both the hands. Veet has 3 varieties, For sensitive skin, dry skin and normal skin. Time also varies accordingly as skin is, its not more than 5 mins. max.


Hope this will help some people, who have second thought about these products.

Goodbye all, see you next time. Sayonaraaaaa………..

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Got new Camera!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Guysss,

Got my new camera. Very excited.  My hubby got for me. Now you will see good pic’s of  my nail art , in their true color’s. Here are some pic’s of my camera.




Hope you will like my coming up post with new camera. See you later………Laughing out loudRolling on the floor laughing

Monday, July 23, 2012

Glitter French Tip with Rhinestone Nails


Hi friends,

Hope you all are doing well. This nail art is simple glitter French tip with a single rhinestone on my nail. And on my pinky is rubber nail sticker.

This is Idle for Brides. A Simple and elegant design. Not so flashy or odd looking.






The design on my Mani stayed for quiet a long time. I thought the stone will fall while doing chores. but good it did stay.


Next post I want to do about personal things. I use. They are very convenient on vacation or you are in hurry to go to some party or just want some thing quick and be with friends without wasting time on yourself to get ready.

see you than all till tomorrow. ciaoooooo!!!!!!!!!.Thumbs upThumbs upRed heart*********



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hong-Kong Gel Nails Done & Re-done Design By Me, Over Them.

Hi, Guysssss.

  • The gel nail I did in Hong Kong. They literally stayed for 2 week as told by the manicurist. She really did good job.  But a tidy's thing, you have to be very patient. As to say next day was my Birthday. So loved them a lots. The texture of the nail paint was nice hard to stay for 2 weeks.  They are nice for people who don’t have time to paint their nail’s always, every few days. Only one thing was upsetting , nails grew fast so you will notice cuticle gap in the pic’s. But that ‘s fine, didn’t chip. Okay here are the pic’s.
  • This is the original gel nail polish.


  • These were the nail lacquer on mani.



  • First coat is Color club, the other on top with big chunky glitter is Missha Crystal nail polish.
  • I know the lighting is not proper & my camera also, it doesn’t take exact color of the product or my nail polish’s. I’m thinking of buying a another camera very soon.





  • This 1 is in my car. In day light.


  • See can you notice the gap between. They have grown within a week. I was bored by plain nail’s , so did the glitter design.



  • A little diff. in color wise, but same concept.




So friends see you all tomorrow.Be right backBe right backRed heart. XOXO…….

Ciaoooooo……..   BYEEEEEE..

Friday, July 20, 2012

Away For Long Timeeeee!!!!!!!


Hi,   Friend’sss.

I know I was gone way for long time. No see. But was busy with my family. Still Busy , wanted to a blog desperately, So sat today to post it.

Done lotsss of nail art on me and my niece, other relatives. I’m posting it in this blog. Hope you people while like it. But that will be in next post. 1 by 1.

Want to do product’s Haul of my Hong Kong vacation. That will be in next post. Shopped  like crazy. Had nice time roaming there. Very nice place, was in love with the place. Wanted to stay back.

Please guys do comment and give some suggestion. I’ll really do appreciate it. These pic are before me going to Hong Kong.

This is Sally Hansen Hardening base coat. It helps to make weak nails strong. Very good, worth buying. Got from my Singapore Holiday, few months back.




Its Zoya nail lacquer.





The design is scotch tape one. You paint the tape in desire color. Cut it in any shape you want, then place them on the nails. I did a French tip on one of the fingers. Dots with dotting tool. Add some glitter.




Soooo, guys see you tomorrow with some more nail art.

Adios………Red lipsRed lipsRed lipsBe right back……. see youuuuu.