Friday, April 8, 2016

Self Grooming Advance Class.



Everyone I know after long long time, i means years. Almost its 2 1/2 years. 
I missed writing for blog. One of my friend gave me a boost to write again. 
I'm very regular on FB page. Girls if interested please visit my FB page too.. 
The link to it is: 

One more new to give I'm a Pro-Makeup Artist & Nail Stylist too..
There is so much to share about my work so far I have done..
I'm going to post regularly from now onwards. 

I have started self grooming classes from last to last year.. here are some pics of it. 
These pics are from last months class.....
Self-Advance Class Successful Completed. 

The course is of:
1 month Duration
8  classes.
Twice a week.

Detail Knowledge of Self Makeup.                 
Color Correction. 
( Freckles, Redness, Melisma, Dark Age Spots, Acne )
EyeBrow Grooming. 
2 Eyeyeshadow Look. 
Gel & Liquid EyeLiner With A Twist 
( Application )
Dark Circles Color 

Many More Pro Tip to learn during Class. 
I do take Group & Individual Classes, if interested.