Monday, January 21, 2013

   Nail Video Upload.


Today, after long waiting, i have uploaded a video on nail design.
 This is my first attempt of it. I know, there are lost's of flaws in the video. But with all my confidence, uploaded it. Hope you all like it.
I need to improve, I'm on that process.

The video was recorded 4 months back. But today i added this to
YouTube channel. In future i'll be changing my YouTube account
to my blog name so it is convenient for you people to search.

And few pic's of my nail design below. Click to the link down to
see my video.

View video page.


These are my nail lacquer collection. For my years they were in drawer's. But got idea from my youtube Guru's to display it on shelves. They look so cute & colorful.
Thats all guysss. Ciao.