Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NEW- PAPER PRINT Nail Art Design.


Hello Girlssss…

This post is about a new design I tried few days back, but was late to post, the same day. Some of  you must be knowing this. Some pics I clicked.





There are new nail paint, I got from online shop, wanted to see how they are. Just tried this design.








The color of light pale pink is no. 489 Build Me A Pyramid (Jessica Custom Nail colour ) has not come as it should. Itz really very pretty color. Other color is no. MMX1136 Flashback ( cracked nail polish ) by 2012 Cherimoya nail lacquer .And the glitter is by L.A. color. The bling of the glitter has not come too glittery as its should be in the pics.

See you Guys For Now. Thank you for watching.

Adiosss…..Laughing out loudIn loveBYEEEE.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

HONG KONG Online Product HAUL….


Hi  girl’s******

I have been surfing net and found this site online recently. Opened the website and saw some interesting thing’s. Got too tempted to order some items for myself. I’ll Give you the site Link  below. Firstly show you all what I got. Scroll down Surprised smile!!!!!


This one is Nail Patch, These are like stickers. You peel them place on the nail, press it very lightly but firmly. Remaining buff with buffer or try cutting as your nail size is, So it won't get waste.

The instruction are give behind the pack. I like these coz they wash off with soapy water. Better than what I got from Singapore ( last vacation ). Those are little tough to get off the nails with nail polish remover.


Other item are Nail lacquers :


Not yet used. Will show in next post. How are these?  One more item is there. It’s a image plate For konad nail art ( nail stamping in other word ).


<a href="http://www.kkcenterhk.com/p6307/EBALAY-Baby-Pink-Iridescent-Shinny-Styling-Nail-Polish/product_info.html?ref=224&affiliate_banner_id=1" target="_blank">EBALAY Baby Pink Iridescent Shinny Styling Nail Polish</a>

This is the Link for the nail paint’s shown above. You can get all detail of other ones also.Be right backBe right back####

That’s all  !!!! guys. See you with a next post of another nail art design. Adiossssss.!!!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012



Hi  Girl’s…..

Long time no see. Got you review of e/s primer’s.

Primer’s is one product you apply before your e/s. To make the e/s stay put all day. I have specified it as those who are naïve to this product.  Worth investing in them or in any one product down below.

1. Mac Bare Canvas :



This comes in paint tube kind. The texture is fine shimmer particles. And is strange, its like a powdery cream that dry’s to a powder finish. You don’t need much product, Does not crease It’s a must, for those with very oily lids. Like me.

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion [ UDPP ] :

This is the old packing. And a mini version.


This one is new packing. Shade in Sin.


What can I say about this product that hasn’t already been said? This is an amazing eye primer. Does what it say. You get what you pay for this product. You won’t regret!!!!! Also good for oily eye lids. This is one holy grail product of all the primers in whole world. I feel soooo!!!!

It comes in 4 shades. Those are Original, Eden, Greed, Sin. These primers stay for 24 hrs.

Eden – is nude matte finish.

Greed –is shimmering yellow gold.

Original – is nude – dries invisibly.

Sin – is champagne shimmer.

All the color can be worn as e/s or highlighter by itself. 

3. Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow ( sippin n dippin ) :




The color is not peach, where it screams ORANGE on fair skin.  It’s perfect mélange of peach and gold. Looks great on eyes. Amazing alone or under neutral shadows. It is buildable color and does not crease. This gives off a nice shimmery glow to the lids especially if not wearing too much eye shadow.

4. Mac Paint Pot ( Painterly ) :


Great product as eye shadow base. It will give more good result on people having less oily lids. Coz for me it does crease, but I use it on my lower waterline, as it gives good base for my Khole or eye pencil, even gel liner to stick on for longer time. It works pretty good for me like this.

5. Lorac 3D Luster  Drop :( Silver & Gold )



I have silver. A girl must have of the summer season This is a really sweet little product. It comes in tiny bottle with a dropper. You need to apply a drop. Do apply on your e/s or all alone as it is. Give very nice look. A good amount of sparkle. Does not crease. Put under neutral or matte shadow or over them. To have a sober look. Worth buying.

6. Mac Paint Pot : ( Treasure Hunt )



This paint pot is light pearled yellow. Or you can say pale yellow—but not too gold. Almost reads like a cool—toned yellow. The most metallic finish Wear this alone or below any neutral, matte, [ mac’s soft brown, bamboo or charcoal brown ] e/s.

7. Benefit Stay Don’t Stray:



Is a creamy smooth neutral eyeshade base. It will be very flash- toned for light to med. skin . Has a matte finish, very subtle satin –sheen. When applied on the eye’s hardly you can notice. It gives  your e/s something to adhere to without muting those e/s, never creases, smudged, budged, or fades. Has a consistency of a liquid rather than a thick cream. You can use as your concealer primer. So your concealer stay’s put all day. Didn’t like the packing. When you pump too much product comes out,  that you don’t need it. It’s a waste. I pump half way, so comes very little. More often than not, I ended up with far too much product and nowhere to apply it to!!!!!!

8. Bhcosmetics :



A silky base. Slightly pale yellow color. This long lasting waterproof formula helps prevent creasing while neutralizing the lid to bring out optimal color. This didn’t help me much. Can be used as a second base. If you have oily lids , I apply UDPP  then bh cosmetics primer over it, So it gives me a more even skin tone.

That’s all. One tip when applying , keep the paint pot’s up side down, so they don’t dry out fast, before their time. When kept open for longer time it dry’s out. Hope this review will help some people.

I have shown swatch’s of the primer.


The UDPP original c’nt be seen , It besides UDPP Sin swatch. So natural tone.

with flash.


without flash.


See you next time. Plss comment on them. And thank -you for watching. ADIOS PEOPLE.  Rolling on the floor laughingBe right back!!!!!!!!