Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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Couldn’t post for 3 days , as I was not well, still I ‘m not ,but c’not  keep myself from posting . Today I have for you . The makeup starter kit of brushes, for those who are naive to makeup. And little confused as what brush to use or have few basic tools to start. I’m gone a help you with it. I have shown more brushes to you but can opt to it. I’ll review each brush with their uses & shape.
I have not shown some , as I missed them.
So basic 5 to 7 brush you need. Later you can add some more to your needs. 
1. MAC --  No. 187.
Duo-fiber brush. Used for face & cheek’s or dusting loose powder. Extra soft fiber. Large flat topped, full circular. Can use as foundation blending that’s ( liquid or pressed foundation, mousse foundation ). It give a very light application, but you can build the coverage as needed. Being a duo fiber it does not pick too much product. You have to lightly dab the brush over the foundation, like shown below and then apply all over face. Done a swatch ( how it pick’s the foundation on the bristles )
This is my tinted moisturizer.
See so little it has pick the product, you can have light, med. , or full coverage . Your makeup w’not look cakey and fake to people.

2. MAC--  No. 168.
Large angled contour brush. Used for face & cheeks. Soft natural fiber, firmly bundled, shape – dense, rectangle with fluffed angled tip. Used to contour your cheek color for blush or bronzer.
3. MAC – No. 224.
Tapered blending brush. Area eyes. Soft natural, extra fine. tapered with round tip. Gentle shading & blending the eye crease line with powder shadow. “ Personally I use it to put concealer on my dark circles. It blends very well without  picking too much product. Give a flawless coverage”.
4. MAC – NO.  222.
Little long thin tapered blending brush. Soft natural extra fine , white bristles. For blending the e/s ( EYE SHADOW ). Giving a  blended, flawless shadow color.
5. MAC – 233.
Its a flat short shader brush.  Area eyes. Used to put shadow in a patting motion so you donot have fall out.  Can wet the brush( with FIX PLUS. Will review the product on next segment. ) for pigmented e/s color or use it dry for lighter shade.
6. MAC – No. 226.
Short tapered  blending brush. Soft natural. Extra fine . Tapered with round short tip. Area eyes. Blending of e/s on the outer “V” corner. To give a bold or soft Smokey look with dark or med. color e/s. 
7. MAC – No. 219.
Pencil brush.Area eyes. Soft natural - cone – shaped with soft tapered point. Use defining the eye crease and / or precision blending the eye with powder shadow. “ I usually use for smudging shadow on my lower(eye) waterline. To give a soft smokey look for day or night”.
8. MAC --  No. 266.
Small angled brush. Area eyes & brows. Medium fine, natural synthetic blend. Flat rectangle with angle tip. For lining or shading with powder , emollient or water based powders.
I know these brushes are quiet pricey. But can invest for them  gradually. Have fun doing your makeup with quality tools. They give good result.
Do wash your brush at least once a week. OR Use BARE MINERALS Quick Change Brush Cleaner if doing eye makeup on daily bases. (will also give an review on this product very soon.)
IMGP0097Do tell me or comment, if you want to know more about this product.
Thanks for watching, XOXO…. See you till next blog.Open-mouthed smileSmile