Friday, April 15, 2016




Clinique City Block Sheer 25 SPF is oil-free daily face protector.
It's lightweight but still moisturising base ( yes, it really does moisturize, you need not apply separate product unless you have dry or very dry skin. )

Clinique included a very good blend of antioxidants & cell- communicating ing. highly recommended for those seeking a gentle sunscreen.

1. It's tinted so would not cast white-cast like most sunscreens.

2. Hides minor imperfections & evens out skin tone.

3. Gives amazing glow to the skin.

4. Has moisturizer in it, so you won't need a moisturizer separately.

5. Antioxidant rich.

6. Oil-free.

7. Never brreak you out.

8. Protects very well.

9. Paraben free.

10. No pore clogging ingredients.

11. In hot humid months layer it up with powder to give a matte finish.

12. Dry skin type will need separate rich moisturizer prior to application.

13. Good for sensitive skin.

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