Friday, July 20, 2012

Away For Long Timeeeee!!!!!!!


Hi,   Friend’sss.

I know I was gone way for long time. No see. But was busy with my family. Still Busy , wanted to a blog desperately, So sat today to post it.

Done lotsss of nail art on me and my niece, other relatives. I’m posting it in this blog. Hope you people while like it. But that will be in next post. 1 by 1.

Want to do product’s Haul of my Hong Kong vacation. That will be in next post. Shopped  like crazy. Had nice time roaming there. Very nice place, was in love with the place. Wanted to stay back.

Please guys do comment and give some suggestion. I’ll really do appreciate it. These pic are before me going to Hong Kong.

This is Sally Hansen Hardening base coat. It helps to make weak nails strong. Very good, worth buying. Got from my Singapore Holiday, few months back.




Its Zoya nail lacquer.





The design is scotch tape one. You paint the tape in desire color. Cut it in any shape you want, then place them on the nails. I did a French tip on one of the fingers. Dots with dotting tool. Add some glitter.




Soooo, guys see you tomorrow with some more nail art.

Adios………Red lipsRed lipsRed lipsBe right back……. see youuuuu.