Friday, July 27, 2012

My on the go thing’s.( VACATION)


ALOHA      Guyssss.

Today I’m showing some thing’s, I use on my holidays.They are sooooo convenient. You don’t have to spent much time, over getting your self ready. I hope you’ll agree with me.



The small razor is for bikini area, but I do not use it for that thing. I mostly use for my underarm’s, when you want them looking nice , if wearing a halter or sleeveless, I know we all go nice & clean on vacation, this is for emergence purpose.



Its small, very easy to use. Just throw in your makeup bag, it won’t take much space. Can go for a very long time. About 10 / 15  times. And one thing can be used on your legs. I do not apply any soap or any kind of foam on my underarms. It work well. I do use soap on my legs if I have time in shower.

The other one is Veet Hair Remover Cream. I know All of you know it, but I myself was skeptical about it for, I think  years together. Once with much courage, as here in India people use to tell it makes your skin black or some what discolor. Many years back, now the  quality is improved one. So used it , nice for emergence only or daily propose, as you feel. That too on hands, not on my legs, becoz skin is sensitive. This big pack I got it from Goa. In my city its not available in big packs, So need to use two tube for both the hands. Veet has 3 varieties, For sensitive skin, dry skin and normal skin. Time also varies accordingly as skin is, its not more than 5 mins. max.


Hope this will help some people, who have second thought about these products.

Goodbye all, see you next time. Sayonaraaaaa………..

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Got new Camera!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Guysss,

Got my new camera. Very excited.  My hubby got for me. Now you will see good pic’s of  my nail art , in their true color’s. Here are some pic’s of my camera.




Hope you will like my coming up post with new camera. See you later………Laughing out loudRolling on the floor laughing