Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hong-Kong Gel Nails Done & Re-done Design By Me, Over Them.

Hi, Guysssss.

  • The gel nail I did in Hong Kong. They literally stayed for 2 week as told by the manicurist. She really did good job.  But a tidy's thing, you have to be very patient. As to say next day was my Birthday. So loved them a lots. The texture of the nail paint was nice hard to stay for 2 weeks.  They are nice for people who don’t have time to paint their nail’s always, every few days. Only one thing was upsetting , nails grew fast so you will notice cuticle gap in the pic’s. But that ‘s fine, didn’t chip. Okay here are the pic’s.
  • This is the original gel nail polish.


  • These were the nail lacquer on mani.



  • First coat is Color club, the other on top with big chunky glitter is Missha Crystal nail polish.
  • I know the lighting is not proper & my camera also, it doesn’t take exact color of the product or my nail polish’s. I’m thinking of buying a another camera very soon.





  • This 1 is in my car. In day light.


  • See can you notice the gap between. They have grown within a week. I was bored by plain nail’s , so did the glitter design.



  • A little diff. in color wise, but same concept.




So friends see you all tomorrow.Be right backBe right backRed heart. XOXO…….

Ciaoooooo……..   BYEEEEEE..

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