Friday, April 20, 2012

new product’s review



Today, I shall be reviewing the EVE PEARL products & her book titled as “Plastic Surgery Without The Surgery’’ .Eve Pearl is basically US company . And eve pearl is  Emmy Award- Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist.



1. Book.    $ 15.00




2. Eve Pearl Magic Salmon Concealer Trio A.          $ 50.00

3. Anti Bacterial Cosmetic Sanitizer.       $ 8.50


About the book, itz all of makeup tips and tricks. worth buying who are passionate to do makeup. As myself….

The concealer that I have got is for my very dark circles 1. the lighter shade is to brighten eye area . 2. is to cover the dark shade of your eye. 3. is very dark I do not think  i'll use it. or you can contour the cheeks as a bronzer.The consistence is very creamy so need to apply very little then u can build up the cover as u need.




And now the sanitizer. Very good for sanitizing you Brush’s, cosmetic’s like lippy’s, e/s, compact powder, liner, gloss and hand’s that’s the most important part, you use while doing makeup.

I know the price are high but worth paying them , as I have tried soooo many concealer, that I hope some day  any 1 will work. I’m little obsessed about my dark circles.

If somebody is interested in these item’s I’ll post the web add. And all the details.

Hope you all like my little  blog. see u next time with another products.

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